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Description Reference Type PDF Catalog
Welding Symbols Symbols Page 15
Element Symbols - Melting Points of Metals - Pipe Sizes - Preheat, Welding Metals Symbols Page 16
Mild & Low Alloy Steel Electrodes: Welding - Electrode Sizes & Welding Currents - Electrode Identification Information Page 340
Introduction to Hardfacing: Electrode Selection - Wear Conditions - Hardness Number Conversion - Machine Settings - More Conversions Page 358
Powder Metal Spray: Hardening Temperature Ranges (Welcobonding "Cold Process") - Color Change Produced by Heat Information Page 365
Silver Brazing: How To Information Page 367
Phos/Copper & Silver/Phos/Copper Filler Metals: Selection - Characteristics Characteristics Page 371
Suggestions, Welding Mild & Low Alloy Steel: TIG Welding - Mig Welding - MIG Wire Ft Per Lb. Information Page 378
Suggestions, Welding Stainless Steel: Requirements - Welding 300 Series - Welding 400 Series - TIG - MIG - SMAW - More Information Page 381
Guide, Filler Metal Selector: Stainless Steel Use/Selection Guide Page 382
Suggestions: Welding Nickel & High Nickel Alloys - Selections Use/Selection Guide Page 386
Copper & Copper Base Welding Considerations: Conditions and Shielding Gasses - MIG - TIG Information Page 392
Tips for Welding With Titanium Information Page 393
TIG Wire: Tool Steel Filler Metal Characteristics - TIG Welding Information Page 394
Tips for Welding With Magnesium Use/Selection Guide Page 395
Aluminum Cut Lengths & Spooled Wire Chem Compositions & Working Temp - Shielding Gas Considerations - MIG Welding Pameters - More Information Page 399
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