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Safety Resources

The following safety information is provided for items in the Stoody Industrial and Welding Supply product line (including compressed gases). This information is also provided individually by pressing the 'part number' link in any part list on this site.

Emergency Response Guides (ER) Potential hazards such as fire or explosion and health issues. Public safety procedures including the use of protective clothing and evacuation procedures. Emergency response procedures for fire, spill or leak and first aid.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Physical properties and description such as appearance and odor. Shipping data, including shipping name, ID NO, DOT Class, DOT Label, CAS registry, Flammability limits, Molecular weight, specific volume. Uses of product. Valve specifications.
Compressed Gas Association Safety Alerts (CGA publications) CGA technical information, standards, and recommendations for safe and environmentally responsible practices in the manufacture, storage, transportation, distribution, and use of industrial gases.
Choosing and Using the Right Fire Extinguisher Choose extinguishing agents (Multi-purpose dry chemical, water, FFFP, Purple K, Carbon Dioxide, Halotron 1) for the type of fire. Fire extinguisher size and placement criteria (per NFPA 10) for Class A and Class B hazards. NFPA, UL, DOT, OSHA, USCG, ULC approved.
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