Gun Cable Protectors (Accessories) - (7 rows)

Item Number SIWS Part No Price Unit Description PDF Catalog Page
1. 410VInquire at SIWSEA.Cover, Cable, Zipper VYTOL MIG-10, Width 4", Length 10'.Page 234
2. 415VInquire at SIWSEA.Cover, Cable, Zipper VYTOL MIG-15, Width 4", Length 15'.Page 234
3. 420VInquire at SIWSEA.Cover, Cable, Zipper VYTOL MIG-20, Width 4", Length 20'.Page 234
4. M134Inquire at SIWSFT.Cover, Cable, Leather *10 ft minimum, MIG.Page 234
5. MFWKInquire at SIWSEA.Mud Flap, with off-set mounting Adapter, Adaptor, kit MIG Spool Protector.Page 234
6. NFWInquire at SIWSEA.Mud Flap, for in-line mounting MIG Spool Protection.Page 234
7. SGX-32MInquire at SIWSFT.Protector, Cable Wrap, MIG Cable Reinforcement.Page 234

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