Helmets (Hoods); Auto Darkening & Breathing Helmet - (15 rows)

Item Number SIWS Part No Price Unit Description PDF Catalog Page
1. 04-0012-31Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Speedglas 9002V Black/SilverFront Panel, Vents Exhaust Exhaled Air, Includes Variable Auto-Darkening & Sensitivity Lens, 3M.Page 565
2. 04-0270-00Inquire at SIWSEA.Lens, Cover Plate, Standard, Outside Clear, for Speedglas 9000/9002V & 9000/9002X, 3M.Page 565
3. 04-0290-00Inquire at SIWSEA.Lens, Cover Plate, Inside, Cover Plate, for Speedglas 9000/9002V, 3M.Page 565
4. 04-0320-00Inquire at SIWSPK.Batteries, Replacement, for Speedglas 9000/9002V & 9000/9002X, 2 Per Pack, 3M.Page 565
5. 15-1099-07Inquire at SIWSEA.Battery Pack, Rechargeable, NiMH Replacement, for Speedglas Adflo 9000/9002V & 9000/9002X, 3M.Page 565
6. BD2000Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Designer, Bulldog, 2"x4 1/4" Flip Lens (Not included).Page 564
7. BHInquire at SIWSEA.Headgear Padding, Sheepskin Sweatband w/ Hole For Back Of Headgear On Helmet, Welding (Hood), Snaps on.Page 564
8. FHInquire at SIWSEA.Headgear Padding, Sheepskin Sweatband, Front, Snaps Onto Headgear Of Helmet, Welding (Hood).Page 564
9. FM3-CInquire at SIWSEA.Headgear, (Suspension ), Replacement, Rachet, For Helmet (Hood), Tigerhood Fibre-Metal.Page 564
10. FM906Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Flip Lens 2"x4-1/4" Tigerhood, Fibre-Metal.Page 564
11. FM990Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Flip Lens 4-1/2"x5-1/4" Tigerhood, Fibre-Metal.Page 564
12. GH2000Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Designer, Gorilla, 2"x4 1/4" Flip Lens (Not included).Page 564
13. HB
Inquire at SIWSEA.Bib, Helmet, Leather Bib, Clips Onto Helmet, Welding (Hood).Page 564
14. SH2000Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Designer, Skull White, 2"x4 1/4" Flip Lens (Not included).Page 564
15. WB2000Inquire at SIWSEA.Helmet, Welding (Hood), Designer, (Hog) Wild Boar, 2"x4 1/4" Flip Lens (Not included).Page 564

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