Welders, AC/DC Only, Stick (SMAW) CC/CV, Portable Engine Driven Generator; Predator - (5 rows)

Item Number SIWS Part No Price Unit Description PDF Catalog Page
1. 11-2000Inquire at SIWSEA.Contactor Box, Thermal Arc.Page 181
2. 11-2024Inquire at SIWSEA.Trailer, Highway Ready, for Scout/Raider, 2" Ball, Thermal Arc.Page 183
3. 11-3648Inquire at SIWSEA.Running Gear, Cart (In House), Raider/Explorer, Thermal Arc.Page 182
4. 492330-009Inquire at SIWSEA.Contactor, Kit, Weld Current, Thermal Arc.Page 181
5. 600009Inquire at SIWSEA.Cover, Canvas, Gray w/ Black Logo, Raider/Explorer/Power-Plus, Thermal Arc.Page 182

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