Lighters & Flints - Welders Pin w/Ring - (8 rows)

Item Number SIWS Part No Price Unit Description PDF Catalog Page
1. 3010060Inquire at SIWSEA.Pin, Multi-purpose Welders with Ring, Holds Flint Lighter (Striker).Page 140
2. 3011Inquire at SIWSEA.Lighter, (Striker), Torch, Single Flint , G.C. Fuller.Page 140
3. 3011XInquire at SIWSEA.Flint, Single Replacement, For Lighter, (Striker) Torch, 5/plastic holder, G.C. Fuller.Page 140
4. 5003XInquire at SIWSEA.Flint, 3 Flint Replacement, For Lighter, (Striker) Torch, G.C. Fuller.Page 140
5. 5011Inquire at SIWSEA.Lighter, (Striker) Torch, 3 Flint, G.C. Fuller.Page 140
6. 710Inquire at SIWSEA.Lighter, (Striker), Flint, Torch, Shoot-A-Lite.Page 140
7. 730Inquire at SIWSEA.Lighter, (Striker), Flint, Torch, Shoot-A-Lite, w/ 5 renewals.Page 140
8. 732XInquire at SIWSPK.Flint, Gun Type Replacement, For Lighter, (Striker) Torch, Shoot-a-lite.Page 140

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