Compressed Air Filters (for Plasma Cutting Systems) - (9 rows)

Item Number SIWS Part No Price Unit Description PDF Catalog Page
1. 015SKInquire at SIWSKT.Element, Filter, Replacement Service Kit, Compressed Air, Line, 2 Stage, La-Man, Plasma Cutting.Page 278
2. 1-1111-2Inquire at SIWSEA.Plasma Cutting Machine (Cutter), Drag-Gun, w/ Built In Air Compressor, 20 ft PCH-10 (70 Degree) Hand Torch & Spare Parts, 208/230 VAC, 20 Amp Input, 12 Amp Fixed Output, Thermal Dynamics.Page 275
3. 5520AInquire at SIWSEA.Air Filter, Compressed, Line 2 Stage La-Man, 5 Micron, Plasma Cutting.Page 278
4. 7-7507Inquire at SIWSEA.Air Filter, For Compressed Air Filter Kit, .85 Micron, Sub-Micronic, Plasma Cutting.Page 278
5. D-13Inquire at SIWSEA.Air Filter, Disposable Compressed Air, Sub-Micronic Model D-13, Plasma Cutting, Not Shown.Page 278
6. DD-1008-2Inquire at SIWSPK.Air Filter, Disposable Desiccant, Compressed Air, 5 Micron Sub-Micronic, Plasma Cutting, (Pack of 2).Page 278
7. M-26SInquire at SIWSEA.Air Filter, Compressed Air, .01 Micron Sub-Micronic 1/4" npt, Model M-26, Plasma Cutting.Page 278
8. M-60SInquire at SIWSEA.Air Filter, Compressed Air, .01 Micron Sub-Micronic 1/2" npt, Model M-60, Plasma Cutting.Page 278
9. M-723Inquire at SIWSBX.Filter, Element, Replacement, 4 per Box, for M-26 & 60 Sub-Micronic Air Filter, Compressed Air, Plasma Cutting.Page 278

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