Lighters & Pilot Lights, Torch - (6 rows)

Item Number SIWS Part No Price Unit Description PDF Catalog Page
1. 30-90000Inquire at SIWSEA.Lighter, (Striker), Torch, Generates It's Own Electricity By Squeezing Handles, (Lightning Bug) Lightnin' Bug.Page 139
2. W-100Inquire at SIWSEA.Gasaver, Model M (MAPP), Weldit.Page 139
3. W-101Inquire at SIWSEA.Gasaver, Model E (Acetylene), Weldit.Page 139
4. W-102Inquire at SIWSEA.Gasaver, Model EI (Argon or Helium Gas & Water) TIG, Weldit.Page 139
5. W-103Inquire at SIWSEA.Gasaver, Model ELP (Low Pressure Natural Gas), Weldit.Page 139
6. W-104Inquire at SIWSEA.Gasaver, Model P (propane (LP), Weldit.Page 139

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